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Discounted Items

Unfortunately me and my machine are no Mary Poppins and are not perfect. These are some items that once they are gone who knows when they will be back. I really hate to waste anything especially when some are such small faults, but it goes to show I will not send anything that I don't believe to be good!

Some have faults in the thread, some are faults from the top supplier and some are in sizes I no longer offer. Each item has been priced to reflect the issue.


Please be aware if you purchase one of these items you are agreeing that there is a fault and you will not be able to return it under any circumstance. If you would like more pictures of the item and its faults please do get in touch but also this is all there is. Make sure you read the heading for the colour and size, then the description tells you the fault.

The first picture is of the actual faulty item so some may not be noticeable, the following pictures are to show the fault.

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