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Some may have seen that I do custom orders. 

Bring your ideas to life. I will happily take on ALL customs it doesn't have to be "magical" related, it just can't be covered by any copyright/trademark.

If you are a business and want to bulk order then I will of course do a bulk discount.

If you are wanting something new, that I haven't done already, please message me on Instagram @disteeworld or e.mail

Want to order a custom design that you've seen on social media?

This is no problem either, send me a message on either of the above points of contact and I will send you a private link to my website where you can select colour and size top.

If you want to see some of the previous custom designs here is a link to my Instagram and then click on the highlights (circles under shop info) and tap through to see if there is anything you fancy.

Distee World (@disteeworld) | Instagram

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